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My name is Hunter Zachwieja. This is 2Lift Studios. I provide freelance and contract graphic design innovation; I’m always thinking and always making. I see the world in my work. I see myself in my work. I see my work in the world.

I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s graphic design program (2015). Though I am newly out of college, I have several years of experience in the field, doing freelance work, multiple internships, and at my last job with the World Justice Project. My work and projects outside of school motivated me to graduate a semester early. I found myself learning more through those opportunities than in any classroom or educational setting.

With a multidisciplinary background in art and design, I bring a unique skill set to every project I work on. My broad spectrum of experience and tools allows me to work on everything from print design to websites or video production and animation. I founded 2Lift Studios, my personal design practice, to get my work out.

I treat each project as a chance to learn something new and do something different. The way I see it, every project can make a difference in the world, even just a little bit, so I strive to create inspiring work every time.


My multidisciplinary design knowledge and expertise are things that truly set me apart. I construct brands and apply them in both print and digital media. I produce websites and take them from the concepting stages, through development, and publishing. I have curated various projects from several media types for your perusal here.


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