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Project Happy website displayed on a Macbook Air


Project Happy is a personal experiment. It began with a concept and a problem statement:

What is happiness? What is it to me and how can I demonstrate that through design? In this ongoing project, I explore happiness and what improves well-being. I hope to communicate my journey into personal enjoyment through a journal of positive experiences.

From this, I used my web design skills to compile a catalog of design snippets.

Photo and texture collage
Fork and knife icon and pattern

Project Happy is an open-ended project based on a problem statement to explore my happiness through design.


First was the production phase. I began by making many studies. Next I refined and developed them, creating design snippets for each moment. These were curated into what is present on the site now.

I then cataloged these moments and experiences. This was done in two ways. The first method was defining the type of happiness: internal or external. Next was ranking how happy I was in the moment. I picked a scale from contentment, to happiness, joy, delight, and then bliss. I utilized a ‘Happy Scale’ of illustrated smiley faces below each journal entry to allow a universal understanding.

The last step was web design and production of the online journal. I ensured the site would catalog all the moments of happiness, using the two systems mentioned while maintaining a simple and logical user interface.

Bliss smiley face

Make sure to check out the full project and web design. Choose your happiness below.

This is one of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on. It’s something where even designing the pieces makes me happy. I’m always producing more and searching for more happiness because of Project Happy. I hope to open it to the public as well, whether that means other people designing their happiness or me taking their stories and pictures and producing it myself.

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Do you need awesome web design? Want to work with me and collaborate? Send me an email; I’d love to create epic things with you!