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Sugar Body Butter Logo


Sugar is a small startup for body lotions produced by Richmond, VA local, Sherrena Greig. I worked together with Sherrena to brand her company and products. The end result is an elegant and adaptable logomark that can be applied on her products and other materials. Her first product is a shea butter, with a mockup of the packaging featured below.

Sugar Body Butter Packaging Mockup

Sugar Body Butter packaging mockup

Sugar Body Butter packaging mockup

Sugar Brand Identity

The first step was to come up with a logo for the Sugar brand. I decided to use a monogram of Sherrena Greig’s initials knocked out of a chocolate colored background. The earth-toned background holds a strong presence on the packaging and pairs well with brighter colors as well.

Sugar Brand Identity Colors

Rooted in elegance and adaptability

My goal with this project was to develop a logo and a branding system that allows for new products and growth. The color scheme, fonts, and implementation of those elements are key to that.

The second product by the brand was Coconut Kraze Body Butter. I added a lime green color to pair with the chocolate logo. This gives a fresh and exciting feel to the new product while maintaining the brand’s integrity.

Sugar Coconut Kraze Body Butter Packaging Mockup
Sugar Coconut Kraze Body Butter Logo and Product Name

Even with all my work with Sherrena Greig, developing her brand, her outward appearance and aesthetic will change along with her company. As her audience, company goals, and other things are adjusted, the brand will be adjusted to match. I look forward to more products from her in the future so that the brand can continue to grow and evolve.

This isn’t the only branding work I’ve done! For other projects related to this, please take a look at my Rumors branding.

Do you need a branding services or a new logo? I can help you with that and more: just shoot me an email and let’s work together!