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Letter f


Graphic design, no matter how one defines it, always includes the marrying of typography and image as a means of communication. The letters and text appealed to me, from my first type class.

My sketchbooks have become filled with countless drawings of letterforms and words. I draw inspiration from all around me and translate it into forms that everyone is familiar with. I constantly learn through my typographic experiments. I fail. I succeed. I constantly create.

Letter j

While some of these letters are refined and transitioned into final projects, many remain as sketches or drawings.

Letter g
Letters a & t
Letter G
Letters e & r

Through these studies, I find a new approach to my design: from the building blocks up. Not all of these experiments ever amount to anything past an Instagram post, but I try to take something away from each one. It is my goal to take one of my studies and develop it into a full typeface, or even a type family.

A final study done for a Labor Day card while I was interning at Sullivan in the summer of 2015.

Work Work Work graphic

If you want to see a full project that focuses on typographic forms, please take a look at my data visualization of a city block. If you want more of my ‘snippets’ of typography and other typographic experiments, my DribbbleFacebook, and Instagram get regular posts that include plenty!